Nico Hauser

Yep, that's me. I don't really like pictures of myself, that's why there's a generic material avatar.


I live in Switzerland and currently attend the neue kantonsschule aarau with the core subject physics and applied mathematics.

Coding History

I started programming around the age of 12-13. I started playing around with Java, HTML, CSS, Batch, some Objective-C and a lot more. 1-2 years later, I started learning PHP, SQL, Javascript and more in-depth HTML, CSS. That was the time, I got my first paid offers for websites. About one year later I attended the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics for the first time. By doing so I learned a lot about C++, Algorithms and Code Analysis. And even tough that was just a year before I wrote this, a lot has happened since.

Programming Languages

By today, I know a, let's say a few, different programming languages. To name some: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL, Java, C++, Objective C, Swift.


I already worked on several different projects and I'm looking forward to work on many more. A likely incomplete list can be found here.